I have no idea

Really, I don’t – I wish I did!

I have found myself currently dealing with such a turmoil of expedited changes which have me spinning around on my own without a focusing spot – I blame myself for that. I should be level-headed, calm, in control, relaxed, focused, all of the above.

And yet, finding the grounds on which to plant my feet and not feel as if it’s being shaken mercilessly is not easy. And the issue is this: things are changing on ALL fronts, all at once.

Personal life, professional career, residence, lifestyle… How is anyone supposed to keep up with all of it, on their own, at the same time? So yeah, change is good. Yes, maybe I should have scheduled it to happen at a slower rate. But as a friend just stated: “it wouldn’t be your style, if it had been any other way”… So yeah, I blame myself and noone else for it.

Main issue here is, this amount of change has its consequences: it’s not just the change in itself and the adjustments required, but the things that have to happen in order for this change to be implemented require vision, order, clarity, focus, as I have stated before. And the only thing my mind is capable to deal with at this point is listening to music that makes me what to dance (insert “Crybaby” by Paloma Faith and clap your hands with me) (I know you are) (your feet are moving, you are starting to think about learning the lyrics) (it’s a catchy song, right?)…

So, any advice? Suggestions? How do you deal with changes and its inminence?